I use breadcrumbs when a section has multiple levels; they help visitors find their way.

Generally, breadcrumbs should navigate users back to the top of the section, not home.

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{% from 'includes/breadcrumbs.njk' import breadcrumbs as breadcrumbs %}

{{ breadcrumbs({
  classes: 'space--margin-bottom-s',
  items: [{
    title: 'Diary',
    url: '#'
  }, {
    title: '1980',
    url: '#'
  }, {
    title: 'April',
    url: '#'
}) }}

Nunjucks Macro parameters

Name Type Description
classes string Classes to add to the breadcrumbs container.
items array Required. The items to be shown in the breadcrumbs list.
items.url string Required. The URL for each item.
items.title string Required. The display title for each item.