A balmy day in January

There was a smell in the air today, and for once it wasn’t the whiff of people’s chimneys.

Katie and Lisa: Sea swimmers

Katie and Lisa both lost their dads today, 15 and one year ago respectively.


Last day of the Christmas holidays, me and the kids went to Drusillas.

New Year’s Day walk

We rekindled our New Year’s Day traditional walk around Swanbourne Lake in Arundel.


Winter beach day

There’s a pleasure in chucking stones into the sea.

Christmas Day

What a difference a year makes.

Cadbury World

We went to Cadbury World.

First day of Christmas (holiday)


Bench gang

We went for a walk with some of our wonderful pod friends.


We’d had a bit of a nothing day, avoiding planned activities to try and keep Covid at bay.

The spa day that wasn’t

The fates conspired to cancel our spa day.

Kings Chamber Orchestra

Roo and I went to see the Kings Chamber Orchestra.

Santa at the Wetlands

For some reason we’d booked two Santa trips this year.

Back to BOF

I haven’t been to a in person board on Friday for almost two years.

The tall man

After dropping Roo at school this morning I walked home via the beach.

We put up the Christmas tree

It’s probably the earliest we’ve ever done it, but we put up the Christmas tree.

Amberley at Christmas

This morning, we visited Santa at Amberley.

Tiny vampire

Rootwo found a set of joke teeth from somewhere.

Walking with Al

I’ve been taking Monday morning walks with my friend Al since lockdown one.

Winter sun

Winter really started to bite this week.

Aldingbourne trust

Paul stayed over.

A day in London

Today was the fist time I’ve commuted to London for three years.

Steak night at Toms

Tom, a fruity spring in his step, presented our steak and chips in the manner of an old-fashioned waiter in a Michelin Star restaurant.

Catan Junior

We had a rough night with Rootwo.

Only girls and unicorns allowed in

I’ve decided to start posting pictures the kids draw.

Rootwo finally got his 2nd birthday party

I took a couple of hours off in the afternoon so I could watch Rootwo enjoy his 2nd birthday party.

Lunch with old HMRC friends

I met up with some old HMRC chums.

A day out at Fishers Farm

We had a lovely family day out at Fishers Farm.

I need a new bum

This one made me laugh a lot.

Musebrook Park

Me and the kids had a morning at Musebrook park.

A lazy Sunday morning

We had a lazy Sunday morning.

Rootwo is Two!

It’s Rootwo’s birthday!

Diary entry for 11 September 2021

We went to the Littlehampton Town Show and Roo got to ride on a Vespa

Me and my dad flew a virtual Boeing 747

Me and my dad spent an hour in a Boeing 747 simulator at Shoreham airport.

We went to Pepper Pig World

Thank you Grandma and Grandad for looking after Rootwo today.

Diary entry for 21 August 2021

I’m an idiot!

First day of holiday in the New Forest

We’re on holiday!

Roo is six

It’s Roo’s birthday.


A rainy Sunday at Amberly Museum

This weekend was a washout;

A year of Rootwo

Incredibly, it’s been a whole year since three of us became four.


An afternoon visit to the Wetlands in Arundel.

Garden camping

Last night, me and Roo camped out in the garden.

Roo’s first opticians visit

Roo had her first checkup at the opticians.

Early morning walk

As the weather was spectacular this morning, I went for a walk before work.

Grabolo in the tent

While the boy slept, Roo and I put the tent up in the garden.

Aldingbourne trust

A family trip to the Aldingbourne Trust.

Beers on the beach

I met with Dan for a few beers on the beach at Goring Gap.

New Forest day two

Day 2 of our New Forest adventure;

Gravel riding in the New Forest

Had an amazing first day riding in the New Forest with @paulrobertlloyd.

Roo’s first day in year 1

Roo’s back to school!

Boys day

Boys day!

On the roof

Mom and dad have a flat roof.

I made a swing

I made a swing for Roo in my parents’ garden.

A walk along the “batters”

It’s been lovely to see my mom and dad after nearly 6 months of lockdown.

Sutton Park

We went to Sutton Park.


Playing Yahtzee with my parents.

The Black Country Museum

We had a bostin’ time at the Black Country Museum.

Old Beanos

Too busy to eat her dinner, reading my old Benos.

Our butterflies hatched

We got some caterpillars through the post.

Bike fitting number 2

Having my Ribble fitted again.

Dinner explosion

Rootwo’s dinner exploded.


Rootwo is born

Rootwo is born!


Happy Christmas

What a gorgeous family Christmas.

We put up our Christmas tree

We had our traditional tree time with chips.

Digging holes and fixing fences

Steve and Luke helped me dig a big hole and fix a fence post that had snapped in the wind.


Mini trains

Mini trains at Stansted Hall.

Track party

Gaston Farm

We had a lovely day at Gaston farm.


Roo is born

Welcome to the world Roo!


We got rabbits

We brought some rabbits from a nice lady in Shoreham.


We got married

Joy of joys, we got married!


Walsall friends on a trip to Littlehampton

Worlds collided this weekend when a bunch of my Walsall mates took a trip down south to Littlehampton.

University friends camping trip

Me, Katie and a bunch of my old Uni mates went camping.

New Trinity Design team photo

Today, my colleges and I got out of the office and took a trip to a local street sign where a man with a lovely camera took pictures of us.

I got a photo published in a magazine

I took this photo of some beach huts in Littlehampton and it got published in a magazine!

Date in London

Katie and I had a date in London.

I moved into a new house

Yes, we finally did it and moved ourselves into Walsall, the center of the known universe.


Diary entry for 22 September 2005

I took this photo of some lego men.

Paul and Esther got married

Paul and Esther tied the knot!

Pauls stag

Paul’s stag weekend is a bit of a blur.

Biking in the Wyre Valley

We went biking in the Wyre Valley.

Diary entry for 22 May 2005

Paul did the Great North Run!


Diary entry for 3 October 2004

Jack took me and Sarah to Coney Island, home to the world-famous boardwalk—you know, the one from that song!

Diary entry for 7 September 2004

My friend Sara and I are in New York for a week.


Follow the dog

We Followed The Dog.