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New Forest velo 2021

My pal Paul and I spent three days cycling in the beautiful New Forest.

2020, in review

I haven’t written a yearly review since 2008. But 2020 has been such a peculiar year that I felt it was appropriate to spend some time looking back.

Bikepacking in the New Forest

Freezing nighttime temperatures and mad cows didn’t put a dent in our enjoyment of the New Forest. My good friend Paul and I spent two days riding its roads, gravel trails and single track.

A week in the New Forest

The New Forest is more-or-less on our doorstep; it’s only an hour and a half drive from our home. With lockdown easing, it seemed like the perfect choice for a last-minute holiday. Luckily, we found a lovely cottage just on the edge of Lymington, so we packed the car and headed into the forest.

Black ball

Recently, I’ve been fascinated with Nick Bostrom’s idea of the “vulnerable world”. In his paper “The Vulnerable World Hypothesis”, he invites us to consider future inventions and their ability to destroy the world.