Center Parcs day three

Our last full day here started in typical Roobottom style with me and Roo running so we wouldn’t be late for our activity. “Baby Owls” was totally worth the effort. As the, um, owl wrangler(?) explained; the name is misleading as it’s an owl session for babies and the owls themselves are fully grown. However, he did actually have a baby owl. It was bloody massive with piercing yellow eyes. The clack of its powerful beak made me rather glad it couldn’t yet fly. The other owls were magnificent as they flew over our heads. We learned that only one species of owl says “who” and that owls are three times as successful at hunting as lions. We even got a demonstration of one little guy’s running technique. Apparently he’d been clocked sprinting at 13 mph.

Then, Roo and I met Rootwo and Katie in the playground, then we let them spend their birthday money in the toy shop. Rootwo immediately decided on a cuddly dinosaur. Rootwo took her time and eventually settled on a Dalmatian that she later named “Hero” when it softened Rootwo’s landing after he fell of a chair.

Later, we went swimming. “Swimming makes me feel happy, Mummy,” said Rootwo. Afterwards, we ate ice cream in the Plaza and rode the train. Before finally heading home for Pizza and bedtime. Phew!

Roo and Rootwo with the new toys in the Park Market's mini trollies
Katie and the kids enjoying an ice cream after swimming.
Rootwo was fascinated by the array of diffent nappies and pull-ups on offer in the Park Market
Roo and Rootwo on the Land Train