The weird world of the upside-down house

It’s my birthday so Katie organised a day out in Brighton for all of us. This included a visit to the weird upside-down house. “You may feel a little dizzy” warned the lady who sold us the tickets. She wasn’t wrong, Katie and I both felt a bit woozy as our brains struggled to make sense of our surroundings. Rootwo was especially cute trying and failing to walk in a straight line. Of course, the whole point in the upside-down house is to get some photos — hopefully we got a few good ones.

Me, Katie and the kids hand from the ceiling in the upside down house
Me and Roo bouncing on the bed on the ceiling
I hang from a toolbox, Roo hangs from a bike handlebar
Roo on the ceiling in the music room
What a feeling, all of us hanging on the ceiling
Roo in the corner of the kitchen, above the cupboards
Rootwo hanging off a picture hung on the wall