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Design sprints atFirefly

Sketching has always been essential part of what we do at Firefly. Thrashing out ideas with paper and pen is a great way of capturing early ideas quickly with the minimum of fuss. Together with user research, sketching is among the first steps we take whenever we’re designing a new feature.

The road to Firefly 6, part2

This is part two of a two part article all about building Firefly 6 and the lessons we learned along the way.

The road to Firefly 6, part1

Recently, Robin, Viv and I had the honour of pushing the (literal) big red button that would enable our clients to upgrade to Firefly 6. Champaign corks were popped and pizza was enjoyed by the whole team before we, very quickly, very diligently, returned to work.

I made some Christmascards

I tried my hand at watercolour and created some Christmas cards. I haven’t made any for years, but I’m making a concerted effort to draw every day, and this seemed like a productive use of my time.

First holiday with atoddler

We recently spent a week in Portugal where we rented a villa just outside Caldas da Rainha, a mid-sized town, an hour’s drive north of Lisbon.

Common threads from Leading Design Conference2016

I’ve just spent three days at the Barbican enjoying the inaugural Leading Design Conference. Having being promoted the role of Head of Design fairly recently, I found the vast majority of the talks and both workshops extremely poignant.

We need to talk aboutEurope

Like many of my friends, I was shocked by the results of last weeks referendum about Britain’s future in Europe. I spent the majority of the last week feeling angry, let down and increasingly lied-to, as more revelations about the leave campaign’s plan, or lack of it, came to light. But, there’s a kind of catharsis in writing, so I’ve decided to recount some of my thoughts about Brexit here, uninformed as they may be.

Firefly Learning Conference2015

Aside from The Bett Show, the Firefly Learning Conference is our biggest UK event of the year. It’s a chance for our clients to get together and listen to some fantastic speakers from all areas of Education.

The future of technology in theclassroom

One of the things I spend a lot of time thinking about is education; or, more specifically the use of technology in education. I’m not a teacher, but I do work for a tech company whose goal it is to make education better.

Old hobbies diehard

As I kid I loved to draw cartoons. Later, when I went off to University, I briefly toyed with the idea of jacking-in my degree to pursue a career as a bohemian cartoon artist. Looking back now I’m glad I didn’t; I really wasn’t any good. I’d have probably ended up in a gutter in Paris somewhere…