We need to talk about Europe

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We need to talk about Europe

Like many of my friends, I was shocked by the results of last weeks referendum about Britain’s future in Europe. I spent the majority of the last week feeling angry, let down and increasingly lied-to,...

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Firefly Learning Conference 2015

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Firefly Learning Conference 2015

Aside from The Bett Show, the Firefly Learning Conference is our biggest UK event of the year. It’s a chance for our clients to get together and listen to some fantastic speakers from all areas of...

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The future of technology in the classroom

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One of the things I spend a lot of time thinking about is education; or, more specifically the use of technology in education. I’m not a teacher, but I do work for a tech company whose goal it is to...

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Old hobbies die hard

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Old hobbies die hard

As I kid I loved to draw cartoons. Later, when I went off to University, I briefly toyed with the idea of jacking-in my degree to pursue a career as a bohemian cartoon artist. Looking back now I’m...

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Jekyll archives without plugins

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Jekyll archives without plugins

I recently made the switch to Jekyll as my publishing tool for this website. I love it, not least as it lets me serve content directly from Github. Updating the site is as simple as pushing into my...

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Partial Solar Eclipse

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Partial Solar Eclipse

I’ve spent most of my lunchtimes this week desperately searching newsagents for the BBC Sky at Night magazine, hunting for the elusive copy with free solar viewing glasses. As today’s eclipse...

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Lightpainting with Mary

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Lightpainting with Mary

How I persuaded Mary to stand in the freezing cold while I flung sparks at her is still a mystery. Nonetheless, after the sun went down this evening we ventured to Swanbourne Lake in Arundel....

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Project 365 2015

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Project 365 2015

When I tried, and failed to write of review of 2014 I was a little disgusted at my poor memory. What did we do in January 2014? Honestly I have no idea, and aside from the obvious recovered from the...

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Firefly Conference 2014

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Firefly Conference 2014

Over the last couple of months Firefly’s design team have been even busier than usual. The reason for this flurry of activity was three new themes we’d be working for the big launch at the Firefly...

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