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Partial Solar Eclipse

I’ve spent most of my lunchtimes this week desperately searching newsagents for the BBC Sky at Night magazine, hunting for the elusive copy with free solar viewing glasses. As today’s eclipse approached, first E-bay then Amazon’s stocks of the glasses ran dry. Only, I didn’t know this as I hadn’t checked. By the time I did, it was too late.
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Lightpainting with Mary

How I persuaded Mary to stand in the freezing cold while I flung sparks at her is still a mystery. Nonetheless, after the sun went down this evening we ventured to Swanbourne Lake in Arundel.
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Project 365 2015

When I tried, and failed to write of review of 2014 I was a little disgusted at my poor memory. What did we do in January 2014? Honestly I have no idea, and aside from the obvious recovered from the Christmas hangover or decided to loose some weight January is a blur.
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