A balmy day in January

There was a smell in the air today, and for once it wasn’t the whiff of people’s chimneys.

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Noted on 9 January 2022

What a morning!


Winter beach day

There’s a pleasure in chucking stones into the sea.

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Walking with Al

I’ve been taking Monday morning walks with my friend Al since lockdown one.

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Winter sun

Winter really started to bite this week.

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Diary entry for 11 September 2021

We went to the Littlehampton Town Show and Roo got to ride on a Vespa

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Early morning walk

As the weather was spectacular this morning, I went for a walk before work.

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200 Miles Due South

As close friends will know I made a big move in August, one that saw me packing up my life in Walsall and moving 200 miles to the South-coast.

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Walsall friends on a trip to Littlehampton

Worlds collided this weekend when a bunch of my Walsall mates took a trip down south to Littlehampton.

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