Amberley at Christmas

This morning, we visited Santa at Amberley.

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Walking with Al

I’ve been taking Monday morning walks with my friend Al since lockdown one.

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Steak night at Toms

Tom, a fruity spring in his step, presented our steak and chips in the manner of an old-fashioned waiter in a Michelin Star restaurant.

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Lunch with old HMRC friends

I met up with some old HMRC chums.

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New Forest velo 2021

The train unloaded us in Brockenhurst around lunchtime.

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Digging holes and fixing fences

Steve and Luke helped me dig a big hole and fix a fence post that had snapped in the wind.

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Walsall friends on a trip to Littlehampton

Worlds collided this weekend when a bunch of my Walsall mates took a trip down south to Littlehampton.

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University friends camping trip

Me, Katie and a bunch of my old Uni mates went camping.

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Pauls stag

Paul’s stag weekend is a bit of a blur.

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