A sea fret rolled in.

A long-ish exposure photo of the sea

I couldn’t resist taking this photo of Kam looking proud at M’s birthday party. It was so great this happened without any Covid spoiling the fun.

Kam looks on as M enjoys her birthday party

Play-Doh cake.

Roo holding a Play-Doh cake she made

The kind of Perudo Simon and his standard roll.

Simon rolls five 6s

Board On Friday (BOF) in full swing.

People gathered around a table playing board games


Wordle 205 4/6

🟩🟩⬜⬜🟨 🟩🟩🟩⬜⬜ 🟩🟩🟩⬜⬜ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩

What a morning!

Low winter sun over Littlehampton beach

Me and my boy

Me and my boy

She wins.

Roo poses over a game of Catan Junior

Lovely day with friends.

My kids surrounded by soft toys in bed.

Kids are hard work. But sometimes—flipping heck—they’re so worth it.

Roo and Rootwo in bed together.

Lovely lunch at Bill’s then to the Novium.

Child labour is alive and well.

Rootwo carries a board game in Chichester high street

Oh boy it’s hammering it down. “Turn it off, Daddy” suggested Rootwo. I wish I could sweetheart.

Rootwo leans out of the window to look at the rain

Very exciting, obviously.

Roo on a swing

My mom is in hospital (not covid). Now it looks like the Omicron gamble isn’t going to pay off as hospitalisations are exploding. Feeling fairly despondent this evening.

Out scooting with my boy.

Rootwo with his scooter

Happy New Year! 🎇🎆

Wild New Year’s Eve with @paulrobertlloyd

Paul in our lounge

Just off to fly my Hawker Moth.

Rootwo wears swimming goggles in the bath

Christmas v3. Our kitchen looks like a bumsytit.

Roo’s cousins made a treasure hunt. She loved finding all the clues.

Roo sitting on our landing with her prize


Roo and Rootwo with their cousins.

This is what Katie described as “sex in a glass”.

Katie drinking a passion fruit Martini

Lovely meal out with my lovely wife.

Katie at Miller and Carter in Sutton Park

Holy heck we actually made it for a night away.

Katie next to our gigantic four-poster bed

We teach ‘em young in this house.

Rootwo doing the washing up as Grandad looks on

Ok. She wins.

Katie does a thumbs up over hotels on Mayfair and Park Lane

Cooking on gas now.

Hotels on Old Kent Road and Whitechapel Road

Playing Monopoly again.

Dad buys Euston Road

This boy can jump

Rootwo and his moon boots

Lovely to meet up with the fam.

My family

Finally publishing updates to my own website and syndicating to Twitter thanks to @indiekit

Christmas number two.

My family open their presents

Went for a Christmas Day walk with my old man.

Merry Christmas one and all.

How cute is this kid?

Playing another classic from my youth: Lost valley of the dinosaurs game.

Roo holds the Pteranodon figure

Guess who won?

Roo holds her Monopoly money in victory

Update: I’m big into the development game.

loads of houses on the Monopoly green set

Got Roo playing proper Monopoly. I love this old set my parents brought in the 70s.

Made it to M&Ds early and surprised them. Very grateful for a Christmas together this year.

When asking about something he doesn’t understand: “what’s that is?”

Stuff Rootwo says: When we saw Santa and asked him “who’s that?” — “It’s the Christmas tree man”.

“I need a new bum”

Had the best time today flying a 737 simulator with my dad.

Bugger. Bust up my foot on holiday.

My wife and @paulrobertlloyd watching love island. It’s a brave new world.