Center Parcs De Vosserman day seven

Croissants for breakfast gave us the energy to splash around the pool. Then, a spot of lunch at home.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed some chilled time at the beach. Of course, there were more ice creams.

Later, we had a use-up-everything-in-the-fridge dinner and then spent the rest of the credits on our play card in the arcade. Roo won a cuddly turtle on the grabber arm game. Rootwo felt sad that he didn’t win one, so Roo let him have the toy.

Just before bed, Katie discovered a giant frog in the lodge which I coaxed outside using a dustpan.

Rootwo looks ecstatic drying his hair after swimming
The main building in De Vosserman is amazing with Flamingos, exotic birds and turtles. It’s strewn with these hand-carved heads which add to the overall amazon forest vibe.
Roo playing volleyball
Katie and the kids enjoying an ice cream at the beach hangout
Roo in the water, behind her the gorgeous lake
Katie and the kids pose on our final night in the park. We’ve had a brilliant time here; I feel sad to leave tomorrow.