Center Parcs De Vosserman day six

I had a great night’s sleep and went for an early morning run.

It pissed down, so we spent the morning in Discovery Bay.

After another healthy lunch (again, mainly beige), we spent the afternoon with a donkey called Otto. He was a sweet boy who looked bored out of his mind on (what must have been) yet another walk around the park.

Roo got her hair braided, and Rootwo got a glitter tattoo.

I succumbed and brought a Raclette to cook our food at the table and in the kitchen. The kids were confused but liked the fried potatoes.

We enjoyed some late-night swimming.

Katie and the kids holding hands in the rain
Roo holding a baby frog
Roo and Rootwo on the boat crossing in Discovery Bay
Roo and Rootwo pose with a wheelbarrow of hay (defiantly NOT straw)
Katie, the kids and Otto (the donkey)
Roo with her new hair braid
Rootwo's new glitter tattoo
Me cooking on the Raclett
The kids enjoying a drink in the pool