Center Parcs De Vosserman day five

After croissants for breakfast, we went swimming. The kids had a brilliant time balancing on a giant blue float. We then grabbed a healthy (primarily beige) lunch in the pool. I was tempted by a beer but abstained.

Later, we hired a golf cart for an hour and joy-rode around the park.

We had an evening playing in the park and on the trampolines.

“I think that’s a real bird; I said, ‘Real bird, hey!’” Rootwo said when he saw a carved wooden bird.

Katie and the kids walking into the Market Dome
Roo gave her brother a piggy back, it was very sweet.
Rootwo drying his hair after swimming
Me and Katie. She's driving the golf cart.
Katie and the kids in the front seat of the golf cart
Rootwo looking down from the tower at the top of a climbing frame