Center Parcs De Vosserman day four

Unlike Center Parcs in the UK, the off-road explorer activity isn’t supervised. Which means it’s much better. The lovely people at reception give you a key (and a remote for emergency stops), and away you go. There’s a track, but you get a sense that you could drive the mini Landrover anywhere you wanted.

Activities are cheaper here. The off-road explorer was only €15 (about £12.50). The same activity is £19 back home. So we didn’t mind booking a few things for them to enjoy. The Bungie trampoline was even better value for money at €7.50. However, Rootwo was crestfallen because he was under the minimum weight of 20kg. Katie distracted him with indoor fun while Roo bounced around.

The sun shone as we bordered a miniature boat and set sail on the lake. Roo and Rootwo crashed into various things while Katie and I clung on.

To recover, we enjoyed ice creams on the beach. “I think I prefer European Center Parcs,” I said. Maybe it was the relief of surviving HMS crash-kids.

We then went to explore the summer hangout and farm. More free entertainment. This place is great.

We had dinner at the Grand Cafe. Katie said that Orry and friends were going to perform their trademark madness. When they didn’t turn up, Rootwo said, “Mummy, I think that Orry and his friends are sick a little bit.”

While waiting for the food, Katie spilt beer all over the floor, perhaps as a protest that the food was taking a while. Later, Rootwo and I returned from a loo trip to find that Roo had spilled two more beers, which had flooded nearby tables. All credit to the patient staff who cleaned up our mess with a smile and gave us two more beers for free.

After dinner, we paused for a while in the park. Rootwo told us, “I will swing and land on the umbrellas.”

Roo and Rootwo driving a mini Landrover
Roo on the Bungie trampoline
In the summer hotspot we found this massive Carcassonne. I was keen on playing it; the kids, not so much.
Rootwo playing on the tractor in the farm
In the farm there are these brushes mounted sideways to poles. They’re designed for goats to scratch themselves. Of course, our kids spent a long time scratching their butts, too.
Me and Roo on the boat
Roo and Rootwo found a small hole and crawled behind this metal fence
Roo in the park