Center Parcs De Vosserman day three

After breakfast, a family of geese waltzed up to our patio door like they owned the place. Katie gave them cereal and they left some massive turds. A fair exchange.

It stopped raining and we walked around the lake. De Vosserman is huge but feels compact. Everything is sensibly placed in the middle of three lakes; one large and two smaller. The kids played with a DJ booth and a follow-the-lights game called “Yalp”.

We decided to find as many of the play parks as possible. We asked a cleaner for directions, she couldn’t speak English and we can’t speak Flemish. We settled on French. “Well, that went well,” said Roo as we walked away.

After lunch, we brought a game card so the kids could on the pay-for trampolines. Then we played golf but sneakily kept our balls and clubs so we could play the outside course too. The kids used the clubs to dig in the sand at the beach and we all had an ice cream.

Later, I braved a solo trip to Aldi. The weather turned nasty and I enjoyed a drive on foreign roads in torrential rain. Aldi didn’t sell any raw meat, neither did it have milk. I think milk isn’t something Beligums do in any quantity.

In the evening we went swimming, only leaving when they kicked us out at 9 pm.

Many geese gather outside on our patio. Katie fed them cereal.
Katie and the kids mixing a phat tune on the Fono outdoor DJ booth.
Yalp is is meant to be played with a ball, but as we didn’t have one, Roo is kicking the light-up pads instead.
Roo on a trampoline.
Roo tees off the first hole of the indoor crazy golf course.
The kids enjoying an ice cream at the beach. Katie is helping Rootwo get the ice cream in his mouth and not down his t-shirt.
The kids playing in the water at the beach.
My Aldi haul. They don’t seem to do raw meat and they certainly don’t do milk.