Center Parcs De Vosserman day two

After yesterday’s early start for a dash across Europe, we had a lazy morning. I convinced Roo to come to the market with me where we found some “halfvolle melk” that—unlike the milk we brought yesterday—was actually milk, and not sour cream.

Croissants for breakfast then exploring Discovery Bay; a pirate-themed indoor play area complete with water play and its own beach. There’s even a floating platform that you can stand on and pull a rope to cross the water. This place is amazing, both the kids loved it.

In the afternoon we went swimming at “Aqua Mundo”. Unlike the UK, Belgiums are less concerned with extreme health and safety. This meant that Rootwo could finally go on the rapids (or “rapits” as he called them) and the white slide that made your tummy turn upside down.

The heavens opened and the kids enjoyed splashing in the huge puddles that had formed while we were swimming. They obviously weren’t feeling wet enough.

They took no convincing to go to bed tonight; both were asleep in seconds. Katie and I weren’t far behind.

Roo and her “Jim lad” pose on the ropewalk that’s suspended from the roof of Discovery Bay. Katie and Rootwo are posing behind her.
Roo fires a toy cannon in Discovery Bay.
Roo poses with a baby frog in her hand. Because of the rain, there were lots of tiny frogs hopping around outside of our lodge.