Center Parcs De Vosserman day one

Last night we stayed overnight in a “glamping pod” near Dover ferry port so we could get the early boat to Calis. We hadn’t reckoned with French border control so finally caught the 11:25. The kids were amazing, despite the queueing and early morning.

The drive through France and then into Belgium was easy and we finally got to Lommel (the town local to De Vosserman) about four o’clock in the afternoon. We found a supermarket thinking this would be a cheap food option. It was not a cheap food option. Prices are crazy here!

Finally, we arrived at Center Parcs De Vosserman!

After unloading our car into Lodge 419 we explored the main building. The kids watched the Orry and Friends show, where a man with green hair and too much makeup sang a song in Flemish. The kids didn’t seem to notice that they couldn’t understand the words, choosing to join in with the actions. After, I asked Roo what the song was about. She sighed and said, “It was about a bear, obviously.”

Roo and Rootwo sitting outside on the ferry from Dover to Calis
The kids asleep. They drifted off as soon as we left the ferry.
Katie and the kids playing on the equipment at a random service station along the A24 in Belgium.
Roo and Rootwo driving electric spinning bumper cars.