Centerparcs 2023, day two

I had a lay-in while Katie was up with the kids. When I woke, there were all kinds of wildlife outside the window, squirrels, pheasants and a small deer which I called a “Dick Dick”, but Roo and Rootwo called Barry.

Rootwo had an appointment with a battery-powered Land Rover, so we hurried to the outdoor adventure centre. Thankfully the man in charge suggested that Roo join her brother in the car. It’s fair to say that he did not have good road awareness; he was, in fact, rather crashy. Occasionally, Roo let Rootwo take complete control over the vehicle with disastrous—and hilarious—results. They both had the best time.

Later, in the Parc Market, Rootwo enjoyed adding many bags of crisps to his mini trolly, blissfully unaware that the produce on display wasn’t free and he couldn’t just choose whatever he wanted. His little face when we explained that he could only choose one bag is something that will stay in my heart for a long time.

In the evening, Roo and I zipped around the lazy river on a pair of aqua jets. She was exhausted on the walk home and fell asleep the second her head hit the pillow.

Roo and Rootwo, offroad explorers
Rootwo descends the slide in the rain
Roo and Rootwo ride the ducks
The kids pose on a giant squirrel
Rootwo loads his trolly with crisps