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Us lot, in new year day Roo on Littlehampton beach Christian pretends to blow out the candles that aren't on his cake. S and Rootwo on the swing We Are Scientists can and in glass Arundel Brewery Pils can and in a glass We enjoyed an ice cream before the pool. I said “pull a silly face.” Roo and Rootwo, offroad explorers Goose Island Goose on the Loose can and in glass Playing Detective Club Roo and Rootwo said The kids holding an array of gifts. Roo sees her gifts for the first time. Rootwo was up late so Roo got some alone time to open her presents. Roo looks through the binoculars Grandma and Grandad brought for her birthday. Me and Roo on the back seat of a classic bus Roo and Rootwo sitting outside on the ferry from Dover to Calis Roo and her “Jim lad” pose on the ropewalk that’s suspended from the roof of Discovery Bay. Katie and Rootwo are posing behind her. Many geese gather outside on our patio. Katie fed them cereal. Roo and Rootwo driving a mini Landrover Katie and the kids walking into the Market Dome Katie and the kids holding hands in the rain Rootwo looks ecstatic drying his hair after swimming Rootwo in his den Roo and some balancing dinos The kids joined me in bed this morning. Roo in the mouth of a dino Roo and I next to their castle creation Roo and Rootwo eating their picnic Dear lord what has she done to herself? Roo and Rootwo on a giant deck chair Roo on a ride. “I LOVE that feeling it gives you,” she said Rootwo and Grandad playing Rotaslam. My dad couldn't find any rackets, so he's using a block of wood instead. Roo and Rootwo hunting for teasure in Grandma and Grandad's garden Littlehampton beach on a wonderfully sunny morning. An incredible rainbow over our garden. Grandmum, Katie, Aunty Ann, Aunty Barbra, Shaun, Hannah, Aunty Esther, Ella and Amelie Rootwo gathered various bits of garden rubbish. “I want to take them home” he said. A, C and Rootwo Rootwo sliding into the pool. Roo quickly jumps out of the way. The sun rising over Littlehampton beach Rootwo and Katie hanging the washing out. He’s such a helpful boy. Happy birthday from the blue monster. “I’m proud of myself” she said. You should be darling. This is ace. Rootwo was very proud of himself climbing to the top of the big ladder. “Did you see me Daddy?” I sure did mate, you were amazing! Rootwo wearing a pair of blue-tinted goggles. He’s got chocolate on his face. He’s always got chocolate on his face. Cute. My bike leaning against Mr Fox’s woodpile house Roo, surrounded by an impossibly perfect semi-circle of toys The rotten shed roof Sheffield United Football ground