Center Parcs day one

We’re finally on holiday. What a treat to have some time off work to decompress. I find it’s only when you stop you realise that the stress monster has been visiting.

Rootwo had a difficult morning, he was tired and probably feeling a bit ignored as we packed the car. He was sparked out within minutes of leaving home and slept most of the two hour journey. He woke a much happier boy and, after parking the car, we all made the happy walk to the Plaza.

Today, we explored for a bit and played in the parks. Later, after chucking stuff into the lodge, we went swimming. Roo’s now tall enough to ride everything. She had great fun on the Typhoon and Rapids.

Now Katie’s reading and I’m enjoying a beer as we wait for our curry. And… Relax.

Katie, Roo and Rootwo look down at the camera from a piece of play equipment in the park.
Roo and Rootwo with child sized trollies in the ParcMarket.
Roo and Rootwo pose under a tunnel through a plastic Christmas tree.