February 2022

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  1. 5

    These kids ❤️
  2. 11

  3. 13

    Come and play with me, for ever and ever and ever.
  4. 15

    Lovely to spend the day with my team at DLUHC in the Made Tech office in London.
  5. 20

    Sunday dinner with the fam. I love how creative Roo is.
  6. 21

    Oh, geez kid.
  7. 23

    Game night at Tom’s.
  8. 24

    Nice to hang with Kam and Steve in Burgerz and Bangerz this evening.
  9. 25

  10. 26

    Before and after. Lunch at Ego for Grandma’s birthday then some fun in Lichfield park.
  11. 27

    The old swing I made is still going strong. Roo and I made a pixelblock thing.