In contrast to yesterday we had a reasonably calm day. This morning I ran around the many hills of Ventnor. This was a brilliant way to explore the beautiful coastal path.

Later, we drove to Ryde to pick up Grandmum (who literally had a ticket to Ryde). She’s staying with us for a night.

We visited the Garlic farm. Their food looked incredible, but it wasn’t the right environment for a lively two year old. So we decamped to the Isle of Wight Donkey sanctuary. Roo really enjoyed trying to spot and tick-off all 120 donkeys and ponies.

We had dinner at the Spyglass Inn back in Ventnor. This quirky pub has decent enough food and an incredible view over the bay.

Katie, Grandmum and the kids enjoying an ice cream at the donkey sanctuary
The Spyglass Inn life buoy with the bay in the background
Us lot eating at the spyglass inn