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The whole gang, expect the Whites, who took the picture. Rootwo with his scooter Roo on the tyre swing in Musebrooks play park Rootwo leans out of the window to look at the rain Rootwo carries a board game in Chichester High Street Katie and Roo in Bill's Me and the kids on the Cheetah ride Roo and Rootwo in bed together. My kids surrounded by soft toys in bed. We “treated” the kids to a walk over the railway bridge. Roo poses over a game of Catan Junior Me and Rootwo. He’s a gorgeous little man. Low winter sun over Littlehampton beach People gathered around a table playing board games Simon rolls five 6s Roo holding a Play-Doh cake she made Katie and Lisa warm up after their swim Kam looks on as M enjoys her birthday party A long-ish exposure photo of the sea Sunset over Littlehampton beach the moon Katie holding a lego tower that almost touches the ceiling Roo and Rootwo sleeping on the sofa Hot chocolate in the foreground with Roo behind. Katie holding a Haggis a page from Roo's book: They all made it to the moon. The end. My kids pulling silly faces playing a few games Rootwo running along the coridoor at his Grandmums flat. I rotated the photo slightly to make it more creepy. my team playing a game Roo drawing a roads for 5 different coloured plastic cards she's placed on the paper Family sitting around the dinner table. Rootwo and the loo roll he's unwound all over the bathroom Tom rolls a double six. Kam in Burgerz and Bangerz Roo and Rootwo wearing 3D glasses and pulling silly faces Roo posing in the restaurant Dad before we fixed the fence Roo holds our creation in the air. Roo on the swing taken through a fish eye lens American pancakes. Roo on a climbing wall Roo and Rootwo climbing a tree Two postive covid-19 tests Rootwo building a stone castle on the beach Roo in a cardboard castle A positive Lateral Flow Test A model robot made out of plastic junk katie and the two kids pose in the gardens 5 friends play the Spartacus boardgane Rootwo sucks on a stick sweet Katie and Rootwo Roo with a chocolate dog. Tom hits a golf ball at the driving range. Roo's easter chocolate face. Roo hangs from a climbing frame, her hands and legs wrapped around a wooden pole. Me and the kids strike a pose on Brighton seafront Me, Katie and the kids hand from the ceiling in the upside down house A lego engine. Katie and the kids enjoying Caramel bars in the waiting room at Barnham station F cleaning our car, Roo and Rootwo in the background. Lego set 42131 half built Around the dinner table about to enjoy a roast Me in a mask A closeup of a duck at the Wetlands in Arundel Roo surveys her presents on the morning of her seventh birthday Khans, Evens and Roos sitting on a picnic blanket. Kam balances a hula-hoop crisp on the tip of his tongue. Rootwo on a swing in the seafront park Roo, Rootwo and their second cousins on a trampoline. C blows out the candles on his 3rd birthday cake. A cake with the words A sign reads: Low Line. Follow beside the dramatic brick viaducts and discover some of london's industrial and commercial heritage dating back to the 19th century and the time of the rapid spread of railways between cities and across the country. Rootwo on the roundabout A Tunnock's Tea Cake wrapper I obsessively smoothed out Roo and Rootwo doing the washing up Me and Luke at after the run. Roo next to her stone castle creation. Roo in her spy gear. An iron structure that looks designed to load things into a canal barge. The bridge at Ogley Junction on the Wyrley and Essington Canal in Brownhills. It’s beyond me why people want to cover such a beautiful piece of the past in graffiti. I suppose it’s something about making your mark before you die. Now that’s a depressing thought. Our many children at Mewsbrook Park. Luke, Kam and Tom playing Catan Roo sitting on a horse. A Union Flag napkin Katie, Roo and Rootwo look down at the camera from a piece of play equipment in the park. A squirrel eating one of the nuts we threw to attract them. Rootwo on the mini treck adventure. A baby owl One of the wild cats that live in Longleat Forest. Roo and Rootwo with the new toys in the Park Market's mini trollies Katie and the kids pretending to look sad outside our lodge just as we left. Me, Katie and the kids with Esther, Grandmum and the cousins. Roo and Rootwo and their friends on a giant deckchair. Lego Doc Brown and Marty McFly minifigs Rootwo picking Strawberries. Roo, smiling, playing Scoop! with the Today newspaper. Roo and Rootwo clambering over a wooden snake statue and generally giving it what for. A proper old boiler: A steam train stands at the platform at Chasewater Heaths Station. A half built Lego Time Machine from Back to the Future Roo makes her Brownie promise Us lot on Littlehampton seafront. Rootwo covered in chicken pox spots Roo, taking pictures with her Kidizoom camera Me and Rootwo, blue sky and stone beach behind us. His face is covered in chickenpox spots. The beautiful sunset on the longest day of the year. My Ribble CGR leaning against a tree in Angmering woods Friends pose for the camera while sitting around a table in our garden. Roo and Rootwo on the cheetah ride Me and Katie on Littlehampton beach Roo shades the sun from her eyes aboard the Isle of Wight ferry. The kids stand on the feet of a giant pirate statue Roo with a medal to proove she'd been on the cable car I told Roo that the music she could hear was coming from a genetically modified flower. She does not look convinced. Katie and Rootwo watching the pirates launch bubbles at hundreds of excited kids Katie, Grandmum and the kids enjoying an ice cream at the donkey sanctuary Rootwo on the beach at Sandown Our home for the week “Tara” in Ventnor Roo on one of the crossings Katie tries to catch bugs in a net while the kids look on Dad pushing Rootwo on the swing Rootwo looks delighted to have paint on his hands. Rootwo, the sun lighting up his face with a golden glow, in mewsbrook playground. Some packing boxes. Roo gives a thumbs up, Rootwo pours his drink into a glass in Establo in Rustington Katie and the kids on the little train at Amberley My shed lit up at night. Rootwo and S Roo in her old room, empty now after the packers had done their work. I said “do an action shot”. She's cute. Some mates in my conservatory playing Battlestar Galactica Katie and I enjoying a meal in East Beach Café Rootwo, burried in the sand Luke, me and Tom: Galactic Spanners. Rootwo and his cousins Heading to the IOW on the Fastcat. Paul next to the sign for the old Alverstone station Paul trudging along the coast “Can I have a triple-bacon sandwich? And, could you whack an egg on there for me?” I said. “You sure can,” said the lady in Peddlars Café. A wooden dinosaur lit from behind on my son's bedroom wall Roo and two sitting on a bench cooking their stew. A calm sea laps against the beach. A set of groins plunge into the water. The sun setting over Littlehampton beach My boy blowing out the candles on his birthday cake The incredible Museum of the Moon hanging in the Nave of Lichfield cathedral Katie and the kids cuddling on a wooden throne Katie’s family pose by Littlehampton’s long bench. Rootwo, A and C pursue a brochure full of toys, each pointing excitedly to their favourites. Katie and Roo hold up balls as if they were huge eye-balls Roo and two help grandad clear the leaves from the garden Roo wearing glow-in-the-dark glasses surrounded by glow-in-the-dark underwater creatures at Glowballs The huge bonfire on Littlehampton seafront Rootwo sitting among his toys Roo and Rootwo on a giant chair. The king's dilemma. Roo wearing a set of platic tubes around her head Roo in her Brownie uniform. The tannoy speakers on Littlehampton seafront A makes Rootwo laugh at lunch Roo holds a mask she's made to her face. It has three eye holes. Rootwo on the bus. He wore his bike helmet all day. No, we don't know why, either. Some blokes in a pub singing songs. Roo with a cuddly donkey waiting for drinks. A hand-drawn Christmas dinosaur Roo hangs decorations on the tree while Rootwo—who has slidden himself under the tree like a mechanic under a car—adjusts something unseen at the base of the tree. Roo and Rootwo literally climbing the walls Roo smiling. She's wearing a party dress and a little santa hat. Littlehampton beach. Frost coverd stones in the foreground. Friends pose for the camera around a table laden with food.  Rootwo combing his hair and pulling a silly face. He's wearing his favorite dinosaur jumper. Pedalos stuck in the frozen waters of mewsbrook lake Roo, mid dance. Roo and Rootwo pose in the festive scene that Fishers Farm had created to advertise for free on Instagram I reads a book to Rootwo who's sat on her lap. The kids around the tree Roo and Rootwo in matching PJs Roo and Rootwo surrounded by gifts on our bed, The kids showing off their gifts Dad, Katie and the kids listening to Grandma A is excited by a festive bake Roo and Rootwo at the entrance to the Gruffalo Trail Rootwo looks excited by the wall he's built Roo looks on as Rootwo looks down at his big belly. He's shoved a ball down into his onesie. Luke, Al and me. The photo is smudged because the lens was wet.