December 2021

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    Tiny vampire
  2. 4

    We put up the Christmas tree Amberley at Christmas
  3. 10

    Back to BOF The tall man
  4. 11

    Santa at the Wetlands
  5. 12

    Kings Chamber Orchestra
  6. 15

    The spa day that wasn’t
  7. 18

    Burpham Stuff Rootwo says: When we saw Santa and asked him “who’s that?
  8. 20

    Bench gang When asking about something he doesn’t understand: “what’s that is?
  9. 21

    First day of Christmas (holiday)
  10. 22

    Made it to M&Ds early and surprised them.
  11. 23

    Guess who won? Update: I’m big into the development game. Got Roo playing proper Monopoly. Cadbury World
  12. 24

    How cute is this kid? Playing another classic from my youth: Lost valley of the dinosaurs game.
  13. 25

    Christmas number two. Went for a Christmas Day walk with my old man. Christmas Day Merry Christmas one and all.
  14. 26

    Ok. Cooking on gas now. Playing Monopoly again. This boy can jump Lovely to meet up with the fam. Owning my own content
  15. 27

    This is what Katie described as “sex in a glass”. Lovely meal out with my lovely wife. Holy heck we actually made it for a night away. We teach ‘em young in this house.
  16. 28

  17. 29

    Roo’s cousins made a treasure hunt.
  18. 30

    Just off to fly my Hawker Moth. Winter beach day
  19. 31

    New Year’s Eve.