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Roo enjoying a breakfast of pancakes, banana and chocolate sauce Roo and Rootwo siting next to a full compliment of Russian Dolls My injured foot Roo and Katie pose for a picture Me and my dad looking very pleased with ourselves at the controls of a Boeing 747 Roo posing on a Vespa with many lights and shiny dangly bits Rootwo's presents, ready and waiting Roo and her bike on Littlehampton beach We feed the ducks Roo's drawing of a boy in need of a new bum Rootwo enjoying an ice-lolly HMRC friends reunited Roo dressed as a doctor I lift a broken garden fork into the air and look wistfully into the middle distance A sign on Roo’s door reads “Only girls and unicorns allowed in (and my brother) (and puppies)” Roo sits at the table on which is our half-complete game of Catan Junior Me, Luke and Tom playing a game of Shit Head Made Tech's neon sign Roo looks up at the camera; she's in soft-play heaven The low winter sun shines over Littlehampton beach Al taking photos on Littlehampton beach Rootwo posing for the camera “Giz a kiss, Rudolf.” Roo comes face-to-face with one of Santa’s reindeer Rootwo dressed as a snowman My elongated shadow cast on a beach Meeples in a game of Carcassonne Rootwo on the boat at the Wetlands The Kings Chamber Orchestra perform Rootwo on the bus at Amberley museum Rootwo playing with a football on Burpham field The kids on the bench A mighty Oak tree Roo and Fredo the frog Roo and my mom playing Monopoly loads of houses on the Monopoly green set Roo holds her Monopoly money in victory Roo holds the Pteranodon figure Roo putting a cookie out for Santa Roo express her excitement for Christmas A panoramic shot of my Dad near Brownhills canal My family open their presents My family Rootwo and his moon boots Dad buys Euston Road Hotels on Old Kent Road and Whitechapel Road Katie does a thumbs up over hotels on Mayfair and Park Lane Rootwo doing the washing up as Grandad looks on Katie next to our gigantic four-poster bed Katie at Miller and Carter in Sutton Park Katie drinking a passion fruit Martini Roo and Rootwo with their cousins. Roo sitting on our landing with her prize Roo on Littlehampton beach Rootwo wears swimming goggles in the bath Paul in our lounge