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Rootwo covered in dinner The Bikefitta logo above the entrance of Clive’s workshop A butterfly resting on my hand Roo reading an old Beano comic at the dinner table My mom and Roo It's my go at Yahtzee Roo looks up at me, wondering why I've climbed this tree What I consider an Roo mid-swing in my parents' garden Katie tries to convince Roo to come in off the roof My infant son on the beach, looking out to sea. Sandpipers can be seen on the shore. Roo outside our front door on her first day in year 1 St John the Baptist church in Boldre Paul next to the Portuguese Fireplace The beach huts at Goring Gap near Worthing, England A fence, each of its slate painted to look like faces Grabolo game pieces arranged by type and colour Littlehampton beach. The tide is out. Patterns have been left in the sand by the sea. Roo having her eyes tested at the opticians Roo in the tent enjoying a late night snack treat Rootwo pushes his buggy while Roo holds his reigns on the path ahead  Roo opens Rootwo’s gifts as he looks on A black and white portrait of Rootwo