March 2013

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    First one for a month. Ladies and Gentlemen, @FullCreamMilk Amazing. The best talk of the day so far by @anna_debenham about browsing on game devices.
  2. 5

    Experimenting with the @anna_debenham methods.
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  4. 15

    Lovely down by the sea today.
  5. 16

    This can’t be good for you, or even a very nice cup of coffee.
  6. 18

    Panorama taken using @theglif and @gorillapod on a rotating serving table.
  7. 20

    Got my @olloclip in the post.
  8. 22

    Inches of snowfall we’ve had in the south.
  9. 23

    My mum send me this picture of the snow. I think @paulrobertlloyd is quite taken with my new website.
  10. 29

    Homemade Pizza.
  11. 30

    The old @Starbucks logo?
  12. 31

    Easter afternoon tea after a stroll along the seafront.