The Boosh!

The Mighty Boosh? Wolverhampton Civic Hall? 9th March 2006? 7 O’clock? Yes, we’ll have a bit of that.
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My Black Dog

Churchill used to call his bouts with depression his “Black Dog”. A huge shaggy dog that would visit him for a while.
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Four Things

Paul: You have a reprieve from me writing about last night’s debacle to join in the four things geekary… I’ve been tagged by Lloydy so it would seam I have to do the same, kind of like a blog chain letter, but without the threat of spiritual violence. Hang on your collective asses cos here we go…
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A Quick Post About Tea

Ooo, I love tea me. So I thought after the stir caused by the last post I’d write about something else that’s quite close to my heart. Yesterday lunchtime I had a wonder over the local supermarket, my mission was clear: To get some new tea bags to replace the 3 year old bumper pack of “20 million bags” we have lying around in the work kitchen.
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My Spritual Home?

Being a Walsall boy by birth, I’m very much inclined to do put-down my home town. Walsall admittedly could be accurately described as a shit hole, having been done down by such literacy geniuses as chav towns and even Google. But I would like to offer a different point of view.
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An Arresting Situation

It’s ten to one on Saturday morning, and I’ve just spent a pleasant hour being arrested for drink driving, getting fingerprint ink all over my coat and blowing into this big machine all to find out that I’m so far under the drink drive limit it barely registered on the machine.
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The Rain in Spain

Isn’t it funny how you meet new people? Let’s say for example that you commented on someones Flickr photos, and six months later you fly out to Spain to visit them. Well, funnily enough (cue sincere laughter) that’s exactly what happened to me.
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Cow Assassins

Never let it be said that life in the country is boring, danger lurks around every corner. There I was taking a gentle stroll, just chilling out at lunchtime, when I “herd” it. A sound which sent a chill up my spine. The sound of a thousand bovine hooves thundering along in the field next to the path on which I was walking. My view was obscured by a large bush, but every now and again I caught a flash of black and white. As I reached the end of the lane, a gate to my left was all that separated to from the now huge throng of cows amassing before me.
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Birmingham, its bostin' mate

Many people who hear my accent presume I’m from Birmingham, but I definitely have a Walsall accent, and “we’me from the Black Country”, and proud of it! Anyway, this post is all about Birmingham in a good way, which is quite unusual if you’ve ever spoken to anyone who lives locally about the “capital of the Midlands”. Usually Birmingham gets a bit of a bad wrap. Let’s face it, people think its crap, (feel free to correct me on this). But I’m happy to say that Birmingham is undergoing a bit of a renaissance period at the moment.
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I’m lost for words as events unfold in London. Listening to the BBC news is surreal, it’s only just sinking in just what’s happened in our capital. Earlier Tony Blair confirmed that this looks like terrorist attacks timed to coincide with the G8 which starts in Scotland today.
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The Great Tea Debate

Paul says I should write about things that affect the world at large, that have a global impact. So that got me thinking about the tea situation here at work.
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