An Inappropriate Gift

Recently my good friend’s Paul and Esta popped their first sprog (well, Esta did most of the work I’m told) - And in traditional fashion I brought them a gift to celebrate.
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Lake Garda, Italy

The weather was warm, the food was amazing and the wine was cheep. After 7 nights in Italy drifting around Lake Garda, being awed (and a little romantic) in Verona and getting (very) lost in Venice the reality of being back to work has hit like a tonne of bricks.
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Kidz Klub Coalpool

I’ve been involved in Kidz Klub (admittedly on and off) in Coalpool for a while now, and this year I got to design the boards we use as a backdrop to the games we play with the local kids.
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I’m making a career move! After three happy years at Trinity Design I’m joining Glaxstar as thier web designer / interface person / possible tea maker, and I can’t flippin’ wait! While this sees me not making my much anticipated move down south, it is the sort of opportunity I’ve been waiting for after Paul’s had his Ning Thing now it’s time for a bit of Glaxstar action. There’s some pretty big things in the pipeline so keep your eye on the website for the next few months as Glaxstar unleash their new “big thing” on the world. ;-)
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Where Will I Be?

Next month sees a popular sxsw event get it’s UK premier in London. 20x2 is 20 people given two minutes each to answer the same question, and I’ve taken the plunge and agreed to speak.
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A Pound For The Mound

Sunday saw me and Katie meeting half-way between our two home towns in Oxford (yeah, long distance relationships are a bitch). And man, the weather for late September was amazing! So off we trottled on the open top bus, and had a day of touristy-magic. Including a trip to the Turf Tavern, a pub which was unsurprisingly full of American tourists and Oxford students not having the kind of conversations that I remember from University.
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Bakewell Weekender

Has it really been over 12 months since I last went camping? But it was certainly worth the wait! Last week we’d had some of the hottest temperatures on record, and looking forward to a camp weekend was just the thing I needed to get me through the work week. As the weekend approached, it got hotter and hotter and as temperatures soared to the mid 30s the good old BBC weather told me there was torrential rain forecast for Saturday in Derbyshire.
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Kings Bromley's Burning

I work in a little village just outside of Lichfield called Kings Bromley. Usually it’s a sleepy little place, the local pub only opens 4 days a week. But yesterday afternoon, I looked up from my desk to see a butt-load of Fire.
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One of the last things we did in our first year at University was to create some “kick ass” flash games. I’d almost forgotten the genius that was Ross’ “Corona Fighting” until he e-mailed it to me the other day.
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These Things, I'm Thankful For

We watched the Constant Gardener last Tuesday night, which Paul told me was called the Uphill Gardener so really didn’t want to watch it. For those who haven’t seen it, I really would recommend giving it a go, I’m not going to bother explaining the plot (you can read about it on imdb if you’re really that interested) but suffice to say its set in Africa, and shows in no uncertain terms the sometimes brutal existence that people live.
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Jon's School Days

I had such an awesome day yesterday as Josie very kindly let me shadow her teach. Yeah, I was a bit nervous but also dead excited to be out of the office and having fun with a bunch of kids all day.
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