Sigur Ros at the Eden Project

Katie and I are just back from a weekend in Cornwall with a few mates where we surfed, drank some great beer and enjoyed the amazing Sigur Ros live at the Eden Project.
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A New Website

Back in 2001, while I was still in midst of a degree that didn’t really teach me anything, I built the first version of on a crappy second-hand PC.
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the Silly Old Sods

Katie’s uncle Bill is about to embark on a harebrained scheme to raise some cash for the RNLI. Together with his mate Dave (everyone’s got a mate Dave) they’ll be traveling the entire length of the English and Welsh coast using nothing but their free bus passes.
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2008, in Review

2008 was a year of BIG changes for me: I left my full time position at Glaxstar for the wonderful (and most-times stressful) world of freelancing; I moved 200 miles south from a shared house ‘Cherrytree’ in Walsall, West Midlands to Littlehampton, West Sussex on the south coast; And I proposed to my lovely girlfriend Katie, to which, she said yes.
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She said Yes!

It’s been a while coming, but finally I popped the question and for some unknown reason Katie said yes!
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When girlfriends become technoweenies

Here she is folks, the light of my life. But what happens when girlfriends become technoweenies? I love her, but why on earth does she have to double click on links? And why oh why does she type “” into Google rather than just typing it into the address bar!?
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200 Miles Due South

As close friends will know I made a big move in August, one that saw me packing up my life in Walsall and moving 200 miles to the South-coast.
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The Love of Jesus

For too long I have put off writing this post, and for too long I have stagnated in my Christian faith. The Bible says…
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You know you're living in a shared house when

Ah, the joys of living with a bunch of lads. The fridge full of beer and old milk, the unfulfilled cleaning rota, the 10.3 tonnes of Pizza boxes. But I digress, here then for your reading pleasure are those moments of realisation when you think “Man, i’m living in a shared house.”
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Glubble Family Edition

Since the beta launch last June the Glubble team have worked non-stop to create version 1.0 of the Glubble add-on for Firefox. If you detect a little touch of pride in my tone it’s because I think the new version is nothing short of an internet revolution. When Ian Hayward contacted me last April about doing some freelance stuff for Glaxstar he gave me an impassioned speech about how he had a vision about protecting young kids on the web. Well, not only has he done that, but Glubble also makes it easy for parents to give their kids some really cool content.
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