My love hate relationship with O2

That’s the old joke right, they hate to love me and I love to hate them? Well, as Confucius say: Lot of truth come from crap Jokes.

By now I’m sure anyone whose called me or spoken to me in the last few days has heard me say “Yar, oh hi, yar, I’m speaking to you from my iPhone… snort”, and thought “T***”! But nevertheless I have it in my grubby mitts and I LOVE it! Yeah, OK, so the battery life isn’t great and it still doesn’t do voice dialling - but it’s mine… My precious! Alas there is one big, terrible, steaming, huge, pile of festering turd - the O2 website.

Never have I come across a web service so inept and terrible at every turn as the dog-shite that O2 are serving up. My first encounter with the webshite was when I tried to track my order. I clicked on the link from the email they sent me, only to discover that as I was already logged in - my session had expired. So I was given the link to log in, which I did, but then it takes me back to the O2 homepage. From here there’s no links to order tracking, so you have to go back to the email and re-click the link. Which then tells you your session has expired! In the end, the only way to access your order is to log out, click the link, copy the link, log back in, and paste the link… Nightmare.

The next was MMS. Everyone knows that picture messaging is Soooo last year, and that’s why Apple haven’t added this feature, but some freak still send me one. No problem though, you get a text with a web link and a code to type in. (Which could be better - like having the code in the url) but still… But, uh-oh, the link is dead! An Apache error occurs. I even emailed O2 “Support” about this - to which their answer was “we know, we’re working on it, but don’t ask us how long to sort it 'cos our web team is clearly rubbish!”

I could go on, but suffice to say that for a company who is as big as O2 you think they could afford to spend a few bob on some decent systems and developers. The monkeys they’ve got working there now should be sacked, and they should get some actual monkeys in. They’d do a better job.