Center Parcs, Woburn Forest

We’ve just returned from a week at Center Parcs, Woburn Forest. This was our third visit to the park. Despite some illness, we still managed to have a great time.

Rootwo is 4 months and I think we’d forgotten what a mission holidays are with babies. Not that I’m complaining. First world problems and all that. Still, we did have to buy a roof-box for the trip.


It’s a two-and-a-half hour drive to Woburn Forest. Thankfully traffic was light and Rootwo slept. We let Roo burn off pent-up car energy in the playground. We settled into our lodge and put the kids to bed. Rootwo has just started moving around more. He had a bit of an unsettled night with his head jammed against the too-small cot bars.


Tuesday started slow. Roo and I got out after breakfast into the small wooded area at the back of the lodge. I say small but to her it was magical. As full of mystery as any fairytale forest. We made up a game where you had to catch each-other by moving from tree-to-tree. It was great fun. She’s really smart and I love her for it.

In the afternoon Roo tried her hand at some science experiments. Of course it was overpriced but so damn worth it. That’s how they get you! She loved mixing bat blood with dried bogeys to produce a volcano. And she loved being enclosed in a giant bubble. We loved how freaking cute she looked in that tiny labcoat.

By late afternoon Katie was feeling crap. Breastfeeding is tough at the best of times. But recently it has just been a whole lot worse. And a bout of mastitus was the last thing she needed. Luckily, Center Parcs has on-site nursing staff. They quickly sorted an appointment with a local GP. A few hours later we were back at the lodge, antibiotics in hand.


It’s almost like Rootwo knew mummy wasn’t well. He had a great night’s sleep. Well done that boy. Still, Katie wasn’t in any shape to do much. I took Roo for some early morning cake decorating. This was brilliant! Although we did run out of time at the end.

In the afternoon, Roo and I played in the woods. I built a string maze. She solved it in a surprisingly short time. Which was disappointing as it took way longer to put away than it did to set up. Later, we went swimming. This is always really great. Roo’s favourites were the lazy river and wave machine. It was dark on the way back so we had an adventure trying to find our cabin.


Katie was feeling a little better. All four of us went to watch Roo enjoy Off-Road Explorers. This was the best activity of the week. No one else was booked so Roo had the entire course to herself. The instructor was a lovely chap and took the time to make the experience special. There’s nothing quite like the look on your child’s face when they’re truly delighted. She loved every second of driving round the mini off-road course. It might just be proud parent in me talking but by the end she was pretty good.

Rootwo is loving a bit of time in the sling. He’s big enough to face forwards now. He really seems to appreciate the view and we enjoy the cuddles. My big boy is growing so fast.


Our last day. Sad to be leaving but grateful for the time with my family. We headed for the park to make the most of our last few hours. Rootwo had his first go on a swing. I’m not sure how much he enjoyed it, although Roo certainly did.

Katie and Roo enjoying pushing Rootwo on his first swing experience.