Project 365 2015

When I tried, and failed to write of review of 2014 I was a little disgusted at my poor memory. What did we do in January 2014? Honestly I have no idea, and aside from the obvious recovered from the Christmas hangover or decided to loose some weight January is a blur.

All these moments in our lives go by so quickly. I suppose this is one of the reasons that services like Facebook are so popular — they allow you to capture moments in your life and then give you a way to play it back at a later date. It’s exactly for this reason I started writing things down and publishing them here.

What better way to document 2015, the year we’re expecting our first child, than to take a photo every day. I have tried this before, but gave up at day 16. I’m hopeful this time will be different and, inspired by Flix’s Project 365 rules, I’ve set myself some guidelines.

A good start — Cath, Dave & Katie at Swanbourne Lake — January 1st 2015

My ultimate aim is to have a collection of memories from the year. Some will be mundane, most will be badly lit, but there may be a few we’ll print out and put on our walls. Treasured memories from what’s hopefully going to be a fun, scary and pooey nappy filled year.

If you’re interested, you can view all my Project 365 photos.