Sigur Ros at the Eden Project

Katie and I are just back from a weekend in Cornwall with a few mates where we surfed, drank some great beer and enjoyed the amazing Sigur Ros live at the Eden Project.

Sigur Ros were one of those bands that had somehow passed me by so when our friend Tim suggested that we book tickets to see them I went more for the promise of surf than interest in the music.

The Eden Project’s beautiful biomes at night

We’d been to the Eden Project a few years before and I was really exited to go back. It’s a brilliant place, especially the rainforest biome which had really grown since our previous visit.

As a venue it really succeeds. It’s a beautiful setting and the unique atmosphere really adds to the music. It’s also really well run with helpful stewards a token system for drinks that means there’s never a queue at the bar. Someone really know what they’re doing.

We arrived late, just in time to grab a beer and some food and catch the start of Daughter who were great. They’re really melodic and boy she can sing, well worth a watch if you get the chance.

Eden is built at the bottom of an old quarry; the walls of which now team with plant life. By the time Sigur Ros took to the stage it was dusk and strings of fairly lights twinkled in the tress.

On stage, smoke filled the space as the band and their 11-piece orchestra started their set. The full-width monitor displayed a bizarre array of images as we were treated to what I can only describe as a wall-of-sound the band had built in front of the stage.

Sigur Ros and their amazing light show at the Eden Project in July 2013

It was perfect. The venue and the atmosphere just worked so well. The light show too was spectacular. Lasers and smoke galore. I don’t mean to gush, but it really was one of the best gigs I’d ever been too. I was absolutely blown away by the band, his voice, the weird instruments and that sound. Oh, that brilliant sound.