When girlfriends become technoweenies

My girlfriend, the technoweenie

Here she is folks, the light of my life. But what happens when girlfriends become technoweenies? I love her, but why on earth does she have to double click on links? And why oh why does she type “hotmail.com” into Google rather than just typing it into the address bar!?

Why? Because she a technoweenie.

I guess the question is - Would I want it any other way? OK, so she does take 10 times as long to search the internet, but could I cope with a fellow geek? I guess the truth is I kinda like being the ‘computer-savvy’ one in our relationship. So she has a job working with real people. So what? I love my mac, and it’s all good… Really… Am I on my own here? Or does everyone else who’s in the ‘web business’ have a ‘significant other’ whose as power-geek as them?

Oh well, she’ll learn. No matter how much she hates my iPhone, she’ll still use it to watch the iPlayer.