Glubble Family Edition

A screenshot of Glubble

Since the beta launch last June the Glubble team have worked non-stop to create version 1.0 of the Glubble add-on for Firefox. If you detect a little touch of pride in my tone it’s because I think the new version is nothing short of an internet revolution. When Ian Hayward contacted me last April about doing some freelance stuff for Glaxstar he gave me an impassioned speech about how he had a vision about protecting young kids on the web. Well, not only has he done that, but Glubble also makes it easy for parents to give their kids some really cool content.

So? What’s new?

Well, pretty much everything’s changed but the concept - So I’ll give you the top five coolest features.

  1. Usertabs - These little suckers make it so easy to log into your Glubble user account. Simply click your tab and (if you’re a helper, kids don’t need passwords) enter your password to unlock Firefox. Oh, and the ability to auto-disable the browser lock has been added to.
  2. Family Homepage - This is cool. You get your own family center where you can check out what your family’s been up to online and send each other little messages on your family wall.
  3. The Glubble Library - The new Glubble Add-on comes with a whole load of “content bubbles” or Glubbles for your kids. These are basically groups of links that have been checked by our experts and are certified safe and fun for kids. The ability to create your own Glubbles and share them with family and friends is coming soon.
  4. My Secret Homepage - Each child gets their own secret homepage containing all their most used content. They can also write on the family wall from here and pretty soon they’ll be other cool, customizable stuff they can do!
  5. Visual Favorites - When a child adds a page to their Favorites (bookmarks) Glubble automagically creates a thumbnail of that page and puts it in their Bookmarks Bar for easy access. I want this Add-on for Firefox myself! It’s so much easier to remember what a site is from a screen shot rather than just a title.

Try Glubble

If you’ve got young kids and you’d like to give Glubble Add-on for Firefox a go. Then get yourself a copy now. It’s free! (maybe that should have been the top feature) ;-)