Kidz Klub Coalpool

I’ve been involved in Kidz Klub (admittedly on and off) in Coalpool for a while now, and this year I got to design the boards we use as a backdrop to the games we play with the local kids.

I’ve loved working with the whole team over the last couple of years, and all credit to Esther, Sarah and the guys for the sterling work they do. Unfortunately, we’re up against it as Walsall Council in their wisdom have decided to stop charging us the £20 per week rent we used to pay and increase it to £100! How nice of them. Obviously the KK needs to keep going, so any fundraising ideas (or indeed donations) are gratefully received.

My friend Hannah painting the backdrop boards

I put together the original design in good old Fireworks, the design was then transferred onto the boards using a combination of bits of string, pencils and one massive ruler. Hannah then got to work painting.

The finished thing (although not quite the same as the original) turned out alright. Dee provided some laminate stickers for the 4 points (which looked awesome, thanks Dee).

Photos of the whole process are this way…