Bakewell Weekender

A bunch of my university friends

Has it really been over 12 months since I last went camping? But it was certainly worth the wait! Last week we’d had some of the hottest temperatures on record, and looking forward to a camp weekend was just the thing I needed to get me through the work week. As the weekend approached, it got hotter and hotter and as temperatures soared to the mid 30s the good old BBC weather told me there was torrential rain forecast for Saturday in Derbyshire.

Well, the weather didn’t disappoint! Amazing lightening and the welcome refreshment the rain brought just added to the fun of the weekend. So as the rain set in we decided to visit some caves called the Devil’s Arse, so called because of the wet farting noises the river makes when it’s draining away post-flood. Unfortunately we didn’t get to hear the cave’s flatulence, but we did have a very interesting cave guide. She was magnificent to say the least! Anyway, we got some cool photos, so if you’re interested have yourself a look.