One of the last things we did in our first year at University was to create some “kick ass” flash games. I’d almost forgotten the genius that was Ross’ “Corona Fighting” until he e-mailed it to me the other day.

A screenshot of "Corona Fighting"

Everything about this game out classed the rest of our efforts (except maybe Huggies Coconut Stall - that thing was class). The sights, the sounds! The thrills, the spills! This is the ultimate panda fighting game, forget your Street Fighters, the future is here.

You can play the game (you may have to click on the actual game window before you fight) or watch the introduction. The keys you say? Well, simply use the arrow keys to move left and right and jump, and to kick some ass use Q and A. Old skool. I’m expecting to be inundated with comments with this one. It’s amazing!