A Quick Post About Tea

Ooo, I love tea me. So I thought after the stir caused by the last post I’d write about something else that’s quite close to my heart. Yesterday lunchtime I had a wonder over the local supermarket, my mission was clear: To get some new tea bags to replace the 3 year old bumper pack of “20 million bags” we have lying around in the work kitchen.

So imagine my displeasure when after 5 minuets drawing fresh water and boiling the slower-than-average kettle I came to get an Earl Grey bag for my cup only to discover i’d brought loose leaves! It’s some indication of the lengths I’ll goto to amuse myself at work that I was this gutted about the lack of decent tea. And then to spend another 10 minuets taking a picture of the tea, uploading it, then writing about it as-well… Anyway, in conclusion, I like tea. A lot.