My Spritual Home?

Being a Walsall boy by birth, I’m very much inclined to do put-down my home town. Walsall admittedly could be accurately described as a shit hole, having been done down by such literacy geniuses as chav towns and even Google. But I would like to offer a different point of view.

Walsall isn’t what he buildings look like, or the amount of money spent on some new statue in the middle of town - It’s the people. I’m sure this is true of anywhere you live… In the words of Vic

People Are Important

So I’d like to stand against all the crap spoken about Walsall, and say if we are to improve our town we should be proud of it! It’s a diverse miss-mash of people who for the most part are brilliant. Yeah, we have our problems and our rough areas, but where doesn’t? Thank God for Walsall, and the people in it. We really could be great!