Cow Assassins

A large number of cows standing threateningly against a farm gate. They must have "herd" me coming.

Never let it be said that life in the country is boring, danger lurks around every corner. There I was taking a gentle stroll, just chilling out at lunchtime, when I “herd” it. A sound which sent a chill up my spine. The sound of a thousand bovine hooves thundering along in the field next to the path on which I was walking. My view was obscured by a large bush, but every now and again I caught a flash of black and white. As I reached the end of the lane, a gate to my left was all that separated to from the now huge throng of cows amassing before me.

Luckily I had my camera, and just managed to take this snap before the maddened crowd, who were now threatening to burst through onto the path, got too leery! As I left, I was treated to a chorus of MOOO’s, and I knew I had witnessed something spectacular. These truly were Cow Assassins