Birmingham, its bostin’ mate

Many people who hear my accent presume I’m from Birmingham, but I definitely have a Walsall accent, and “we’me from the Black Country”, and proud of it! Anyway, this post is all about Birmingham in a good way, which is quite unusual if you’ve ever spoken to anyone who lives locally about the “capital of the Midlands”. Usually Birmingham gets a bit of a bad wrap. Let’s face it, people think its crap, (feel free to correct me on this). But I’m happy to say that Birmingham is undergoing a bit of a renaissance period at the moment.

Over the last 5 or so years the city council (and no doubt a medley of other investors) have pumped a shed load of money into re-vamping the city centre. It’s the new things that make the old things look better. Okay, I know this is an ambiguous sentence, but when you offset some of the older building and features in Birmingham (such as the candy coloured fence, which is in Bridge Street by the way) against the clean lines of the new building, you get something spectacular. Birmingham has come a long way since it’s massive decline in the 80’s and early 90’s, and I know it’s still got a log way to go, but it’s showing a lot of promise!

Don’t be put off by the stories of old, come and visit Birmingham. It’s bostin’ mate.