The Great Tea Debate

Paul says I should write about things that affect the world at large, that have a global impact. So that got me thinking about the tea situation here at work.

Paul (the other one, at work) brought in some PG Tips tea granules, that are basically the same as coffee granules, but in tea-format. These are supposedly the pinnacle of tea technology, forced into the barren wasteland left by the pyramid bag. But unfortunately it tastes like crap.

My point being this; traditional stuff is the best. Real tea, coffee, rice, fruit juice, chocolate and wines are well worth spending an extra few pence. But even better, spend your money on products that bear the fair-trade logo.

In a week where we’ve had Live8 and the G8 summit, the massive gulf between the rich and poor is in the forefront of everyone’s minds. This is just one more little thing you can do to help. It does make a difference.