Ouch, and other stories

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know it’s been a while, but it’s built up the expectation, right?

Since the last time I wrote, i’ve been doing all kinds of stuff (for want of a better word). So here’s the rundown of two and a half weeks in the life of me…

A week before Lee and Lindsay’s wedding I was raving on about how old I felt. So the couples happy day came, Lee fluffed his lines, Lloydy got VERY drunk, and I suddenly didn’t feel as old after all. All in all a good day was had by all. The best bit being the hour rant that someone had in the loo, i’ll post the video soon if he (or she, don’t want to incriminate anyone… Although that would’ve meant I was filming in the girls toilet), will let me.

The bank holiday called for some biking in the Wyre Valley with the lads. What can I say, as usual a top day out, and got me some more footage for the “rant cam”.

I (and several others from church) took a visit to a mosque in Pleck for one of their open days. It’s a really good idea, they open up the whole thing, show you round, feed you (yes, a BIG factor in deciding to go) and give you this talk on Islam. I’m impressed with anything that helps build bridges between communities, so a big thanks to those guys for making us feel so welcome.

Another biking session brought me this very nice wound and a couple of bruised ribs (hence the “ouch”).

Which I guess brings me up to this week, that has so far conceited of work, a joint cell with the guys from Eurostreams (an absolutely awesome night), the Tuesday night pub quiz, and a bit of a Bulti (init mate) with Steve, Paul, Ben and the rest of the guys from WCC. All that, plus the usual pub nights, cinema, the quiz and the odd jamming session here and there have made for a pretty sweet, two (or so) weeks.

Interesting, eh? No… I didn’t think so.