An Arresting Situation

It’s ten to one on Saturday morning, and I’ve just spent a pleasant hour being arrested for drink driving, getting fingerprint ink all over my coat and blowing into this big machine all to find out that I’m so far under the drink drive limit it barely registered on the machine.

It all started out as a good night out bowling with some mates from church, and then for a quick drink in the local. Which meant I had one small bottle of larger. Apparently on the journey home I failed to indicate at an island, so was merrily pulled over, blue light’s-a-flashing. To be fair the two officers were very nice about the whole thing, and I kinda felt sorry for them wasting their time on me and a mountain of paperwork, still not the most pleasant way to end your night. Guess it’s taught me a lesson though… Don’t drink and drive. At all. Not a drop.